2017 Australian Championships News

Canberra City Gymnastic Club I, Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:57AM

2017 Australian Championships News


The 2017 are over and ACT fielded gymnasts in all 5 gymsports.  MAG, WAG Acro, Tramp and Rythmic. .  

Combined the ACT won 25 medals.  Canberra City gymnasts gave it their all.  Here is a brief list of the outstanding efforts.

The star of the CCGC gymnasts was Michaela Smith who returned with an impressive 5 medals.



Level 9 under 17 ( 18 gymnasts )

Simon Bewick (level 9 under 17) - Silver medal on Pommel


 Level 8 Open ( 29 gymnasts )

 Callum Burden (level 8 open)- 9h on pommel


 Level 8 under 14 ( 32 gymnasts )

 Jonathan Fulop - Silver medal on Pommel, 8th on Vault

 Kai Chalmers - 10th on Floor

 Max Allen -  8th on Horizontal Bar


 Level 7 under 12 ( 39 gymnasts )

 Csongor Keszei - 6th in all-around, 4th on pommel, 8th on parallel bars, 8th oh horizontal bar



 Level 7 Team - Bronze medal

Level 8 Team - Bronze Medal


Level 7 13yrs and under - Individual results (23 gymnasts)

Madison Elphick  - Gold medal on Vault, 10th on uneven bars,

 Zoe Butler - 10th in all around


Level 8 14yrs and under - Individual results (23 gymnasts)

Micahaela Smith - Silver medal in all-aroundGold medal on Vault, Bronze medal on uneven bars, Bronze medal on beam, 4th on floor

Lily Cullen-Hyne - 9th in Vault, 9th on Beam, 8th on floor


Level 9 15yrs and under - Individual results (23 gymnasts)

 Zoe West - 6th in all-around, 5th on uneven bars, 8th on beam


Level 9 16yrs and over- Individual results (15 gymnasts)

Tahlia Gee - 6th in all-around, 7th on Vault, 8th on uneven bars, 9th on beam, 7th on floor


What a fantastic effort from these gymnasts and all our other representatives. 




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