Our mission


  •  To improve the fitness, confidence and self-esteem of people through a quality program of gymsports.


Our vision



The CCGC club we want is a club that :


  •  Enjoys maximum participation across all areas;   


  • Has highly regarded sports coaching and sports administration


  • Has a national profile;


  • Reaches out to the local communities;


  • Is an employer of choice;


  • Provides a high quality gymnastic and social environment in which all gymnasts and staff can reach their potential;


  • Prepares gymnasts for their future life.



Our goals



  •  That the program allows all Canberra City Gymnastic gymnasts to progress at their optimal rate.


  •  That the program ensures that each student progresses in the safest possible manner.


  •  That the program helps to improve the physical fitness level of each gymnast.


  •  That the program develops each gymnast’s confidence and self esteem.


  •  That, without sacrificing quality and safety, the cost of the program is maintained at a level, which is affordable to the majority of the community that we serve.



Our 4th 5-year strategic plan and operational plan are available in the office.